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2023 Mixed Doubles Provincials

Team nameLineup
Just GrindheimSecond: Dean Grindheim
Lead: Sherry Just
Kennedy/FieldSecond: Landon Field
Lead: Kya Kennedy
Kalthoff/ThevenotSecond: Dustin Kalthoff
Lead: Ashley Thevenot
Ingram/TenetuikSecond: Cole Tenetuik
Lead: Alison Ingram
WillsSecond: Sam Wills
Lead: N/a
Hersikorn/LaycockSecond: Steve Laycock
Lead: Patty Hersikorn
Brandt/LamontagneSecond: Grady Lamontagne
Lead: Shelby Brandt
SpringersSecond: Garret Springer
Lead: Jill Springer
Hoag/GordonSecond: James Gordon
Lead: Sarah Hoag
Zukewich/KinaschukSecond: Reese Kinaschuk
Lead: Lydia Zukewich
Englot/SchneiderSecond: Derek Schneider
Lead: Michelle Englot
Barber/HeidtSecond: Mitch Heidt
Lead: Brett Barber
Team KleiterSecond: Rylan Kleiter
Lead: Madison Kleiter
Kuzyk/GambleSecond: Amanda Kuzyk
Lead: Ben Gamble
Kish/TessierSecond: Bryden Tessier
Lead: Rianna Kish
Hoag/BrydenSecond: Chantel Hoag
Lead: Josh Bryden
GudereitSecond: Jared Gudereit
Lead: Marcia Gudereit
Todd/CherpinSecond: Kyle Cherpin
Lead: Steph Todd
Ackerman/AckermanSecond: Skylar Ackerman
Lead: Carson Ackerman
Bukurak/BukurakSecond: Stephanie Bukurak
Lead: Adam Bukurak
Sutherland Second: Cody Sutherland
Lead: Taylor Stremick
Kesslering/DrewitzSecond: Matthew Drewitz
Lead: Cara Kesslering
Montgomery/MutlowSecond: Amber Montgomery
Lead: Daniel Mutlow
Johnson/Johnson Second: Clare Johnson
Lead: Abbey Johnson